Every Healthcare Vendor Should Be Trying to Disrupt the Healthcare System

The U.S. spends more per capita on healthcare than any other developed country. Compared to our peers, we have worse maternal and infant mortality rates and our life expectancy is in the toilet. Factor in racial disparities and the view is even grimmer.

It’s time to disrupt the status quo and build something better.

Whether your company solves a piece of the puzzle or wants to re-build healthcare from the ground up, we need you. And we need you to be successful.

That’s where I come in.

I help you get the leads that build your business – so you can revolutionize healthcare.

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Lead Generation for Healthcare Vendors

I help healthcare vendors improve their lead generation systems.

That means I go in and organize your content (or give you a plan to get some). I help you figure out how to tap into the psyche of your target audience and set up the right software to stay in touch with them. I also help you optimize your landing pages and remove roadblocks on your website.

If you just need help with a certain aspect of your lead generation, I can do that, too. Whichever way you want to work, these packages will give you a good idea of some of the ways I can help.

Jennifer Michelle, MPH, EMT

I’m not your typical healthcare marketer.

I have a Master’s in Public Health from Tulane, with a focus on International Health and Epidemiology.

I can help you understand your marketing data because I honed my data analysis skills on medical studies. I spent 5 years doing SAS coding for a non-profit that analyzed data for neonatal intensive care units.

I am also an Emergency Medical Technician. I volunteer with my local rescue squad so, when I hear about population health and emergency room crowding, I know firsthand what that looks like.

I know healthcare – but I also know marketing.

I have 9 years’ experience in digital marketing strategy – and I spent three of them as Marketing Director for a healthcare technology startup.

Up until then, my marketing experience had been in ecommerce, but this was a whole new challenge – and I was hooked.

Gone were the days of quick sales cycles, replaced by cycles up to 18 months long.

And no more honing in on a single buyer persona. Now, every account required two or three separate personas, minimum.

I grew to be as comfortable reaching out to the CFO as the in-charge nurse.

That’s why I am able to help – because I have been in your shoes.

I understand that you need to make significant headway in your lead generation and conversion process. And that you need to be able to measure your results.

And I know healthcare.

I can help. Let’s talk.

As an invited speaker on marketing automation at the 2017 Healthcare IT Marketing Conference, I invite you to see my posts on Marketing Automation for Healthcare IT and Marketing Automation Software: Are You Using It Right?

Here’s what my clients say …

The Lead Generation Audit that Jennifer did for us was very much time well spent. We have a small and relatively young marketing team, so to have a seasoned expert take a look at things was incredibly valuable. Throughout our work together, I always had a clear expectation of what was going to happen next and when. The results were very helpful. Tons of takeaways.

– Laura Olsson, Director of Marketing, PointClear Solutions


We had been outsourcing our email marketing campaigns and wanted to bring them in-house. With Jennifer’s experience and savvy guidance, we moved to a marketing automation system customized to the way our team works. As a result, we are saving over $3k/month, generating new leads, and getting the data we need. We have just what we wanted, an in-house system that will grow along with our company.

– Mike DeCecco, President & CEO, Parent Co

Call me when …

You need help getting your website to generate leads, instead of just collecting dust on the internet.

You need help choosing the right marketing automation.

You need help making sense of your data and determining the ROI of your marketing campaigns.

Let’s talk!

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