Healthcare Marketing

Voice-of-Customer Research
and Sales Enablement

You need to understand your customer.

Whether health system, provider, or payer, the more you understand your customer, the easier it is to close a deal.

Learn about voice-of-customer research.

And you need a strong sales team.

Even the best sales team needs the right tools to succeed. Find out more about sales enablement.

I can guide you through every stage of business growth.

If you are in the pre-launch phase I can show you how to capitalize on interest while still in product development.

If you are getting ready to launch I can set you up with the right marketing technology and show you how to keep it going.

If you are post-launch I can help you plot a course for growth and position yourself successfully against the competition.

I make it easy to get exactly what you need.

I never offer generic packages. Instead, I create tailor-made marketing strategies and campaigns – and then I implement them for you.

You will have all the pieces in place to grow your business to the next level.

My experience saves you a lot of time – and a lot of work.

I have been doing this for over a decade and I am experienced at all aspects of marketing. I can help you with everything from diagnostics and action planning to implementation and support. I have launched small businesses, lead a healthcare tech marketing department and been Director of Lead Generation for a marketing agency.

I know what needs to be done. I know how to get it done efficiently. And I know how to help you make sense of it all.

​Even better, I know healthcare.

I started my career in public health. My MPH is from Tulane and I worked on USAID-funded healthcare projects in Washington, DC and the Dominican Republic. I also ran as an EMT for three years with my local Rescue.

I understand the challenges facing the healthcare system and I know the stakeholders. With me, you won’t be starting at square one.

I get results.


Patient Advocacy and Research Organization:
Increased campaign revenue 324%.


Healthcare IT Company:
Developed successful sales pipeline with 30% coming from website traffic alone.


Healthcare IT Company:
Achieved a 71% success rate in getting pitches accepted by news and healthcare trade publications.


Dramatically increased ROI by cutting marketing spend 85%.

Jennifer Michelle, MPH

As the President of Michelle Marketing Strategies, I focus specifically on growing businesses and organizations in the healthcare sector. My emphasis is on using voice-of-customer research to discover the most effective messaging for my clients.

I have over 13 years’ experience in marketing and produced a top-ranked public health podcast, Leading with Health. Previously, I was Marketing Director for OpenTempo, a healthcare technology company, and Director of Lead Generation for Pinnacle Creative Studio marketing agency. 

Prior to my marketing career, I received an MPH in International Health and Epidemiology, with a specialization in Parasitology, from Tulane School of Public Health & Tropical Medicine. I have worked on USAID-funded healthcare projects in Washington, DC and the Dominican Republic and provided statistical reporting to a medical non-profit. I also gained firsthand experience in rural healthcare from three years’ volunteering as an EMT with my local rescue.

Leading with Health Podcast

I produced the Leading with Health podcast, a Top 30 Best Public Health Podcast as ranked by MPH Online. 

Leading with Health hosted by Jennifer Michelle, MPH

See what my clients say…

Vector’s market is a very specific subset of a much larger market, and it is highly nuanced as far as value propositions. Jennifer did a great job coming up the ramp and understanding our market dynamics. I was amazed at how quickly Jennifer was able to grasp a complex competitor and market set and deliver points of differentiation with clarity and defensibility. Jennifer is flexible and deliverable-oriented, and brought clarity of process and thought to our project.

Tony Titus

Senior Vice President Revenue, Vector Remote Care

We brought Jennifer in to review our marketing materials and website, and also had her conduct voice-of-customer surveys for us. We are already incorporating her suggestions into our marketing materials and website, and were very pleased with the feedback from the customer surveys she did. Many things we had heard previously from customers were validated, and we also learned things that our customers might not have told us if we had asked the questions directly…very valuable information! Jennifer was organized and kept us on track throughout the project. We were very pleased with the work she did for us, and I would certainly recommend her to others needing the services she provided to etHIN.

Sharon Woods

Director of Communications, East Tennessee Health Information Network

Other consultants didn’t take the time to understand our customers but you reached out to them to develop our marketing plan. I like that you just take the ball and run with it – you made it easy on me. And now we have a true marketing outreach plan, which we didn’t have before.

Jeff Popp

VP Sales and Marketing, Net Revenue

I feel like you have saved my life. You have gone beyond my expectations. We would never have accomplished this on our own. You have kept us on track and you have kept us organized. And you were patient with us. I am tickled pink!

Karen Utley

President, International Foundation for CDKL5 Research

Jennifer was great to work with and delivered a great and comprehensive marketing product for us. She is attentive, creative and professional. Best of all she worked with us until we were satisfied with the product and was very responsive and receptive to feedback. We are grateful for the talent and support she brought to our efforts to more specifically design our messages and brand.

Lisa K. Fitzpatrick MD, MPH, MPA

Founder, Grapevine Health

Jennifer makes this so easy. Marketing has a lot of moving parts and can be very overwhelming when going it alone. Having an expert makes all the difference, and having Jennifer Michelle on your team is like having an in-house marketing department! Believe me, these are dollars well spent!

Kent Mitchell, MD

Founder, Patient Pass

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