Good marketing means staying on top of the details.

Healthcare technology companies devote the bulk of their energy to writing awesome code. They understand that code must constantly be reviewed, improved and re-worked as features are added and changed.

The same applies to marketing.

You can’t just build your website and forget about it. You surely can’t just build a pay-per-click campaign and forget about it.

Just like your code, it all needs tending. You need to look at your data and make sure you are getting the results you are looking for.

When I work with a healthcare vendor, marketing audits are usually the first step I take. They provide a definitive view of your marketing and help you see where your adjustments will have the most impact.

Here are 17 questions I use in my lead generation audit – try them out and start improving your marketing today!


1. Does your website speak to each of your buyer personas?
2. Does your website offer content for TOFU/MOFU/BOFU visitors?

Social Media

3. Are you using the right social media for your audience?
4. Are you posting updates regularly?
5. Are you actively networking and interacting with others?

Public Relations/Media

6. Are you regularly pitching articles to targeted journals?
7. Are you regularly submitting speaking proposals to targeted conferences?


8. Are your subject lines too long?
9. Are you talking too much about yourself?


10. Are you making use of meta titles/descriptions?
11. Are you using keyword-optimized anchor text on internal links?


12. Do you have video testimonials?


13. Are you tracking conversions all along the buyer journey?
14. Are you making use of lead scoring?


15. Are you using PPC only on Google?
16. Are you using your homepage as a landing page?


17. Are you collecting data for your most important key performance indicators?

Mark your calendar now

To get maximum benefit from these questions, ask them at least once a year. And, if you need help, check out my lead generation and marketing analytics audits. These go into even greater depth and can help you really turn your marketing around!