It is much harder to get a new customer than keep an existing customer – so why not sell more to your existing customer? That’s the logic behind upsells and they are a smart way to continue adding value for your customers while increasing your revenue. Here are three tips for getting more upsells.

1) Ask.

It sounds ridiculous but companies often forget to ask if their customers need additional products or services. Sometimes a start-up is just building out its product line and long-term customers slip through the cracks. Other times, sales team turnover can keep existing customers from learning of all their options.

Luckily, there’s an easy way to address this. Simply set aside one month a year to inform every customer of the entire product and service line. You may wish to exclude brand-new customers who have just gone through the sales process – but you’ll remember them the following year.

2) Make it easy.

It can seem daunting to have your team reach out to every existing customer on top of their prospect list. One way around this is to create an upsell team that focuses on reaching out to existing customers on a regular basis. Another way is to create an automated upsell campaign.

The automated option is the easiest, by far. Decide how often you want to offer an upsell to your customers (hint: at least once a year), then send out an automated email at that time. Have the reply-to email be each customer’s salesperson or customer service representative so replies can be responded to quickly.

3) Take “Yes” for an answer.

Sometimes a customer will hedge when expressing interest in a product or service. Maybe they’ll make a small comment – “I didn’t know it could do that” – but they don’t say “yes” directly. This can happen when they want to say “yes” but are scared of costs or other factors. They try to keep the conversation going so they can get their worries addressed before they are committed.

Unfortunately, this approach can slip right by the salesperson, leaving the customer unhappy and the team without an upsell. The best way to address this is to role play with your sales team so they are familiar with a variety of ways customers express interest in additional products and services.

Simple Approaches Lead to More Upsells

There’s no magic to getting upsells – you just need to make a point of asking and listening for what your customer is looking for. These tips for getting more upsells should help!

Photo by HI! ESTUDIO on Unsplash