No matter what people say, healthcare is not immune to a recession. Yes, health systems still need technology and cutting-edge medical devices during a downturn, but they can defer buying decisions considerably. This can have a severe impact on your revenue, so how do you get them to sign now? Easy – use these 7 sales tools to get you through a recession.

1. Sales Sheets

Also called “one-sheets,” sales sheets are designed to hit the highlights. They are very focused and convey the top features and benefits of your product. Which is to say, they are not a catalog of every item you sell. Nor are they a history of your company or founder.

2. White Papers

White papers are an essential piece of content for raising awareness. If your solution requires your customer to look at things from a different perspective in order to see your benefit, then a white paper is your best friend.

3. Sales Battlecards

Sales battlecards are crib sheets for your sales team. They give clues to identify competitors in the mix. They spell out the best counterpoints for any objection. And they give your team essential leading questions to steer a sale your way.

4. Phone Scripts

The more people text and chat, the more uncomfortable your business development team can be with phone conversations. By providing a clear script, you give confidence – and establish consistency among your team.

5. Trade Show Booth Training

Trade shows are in full swing again. But with three years off, does your team have the skills to maximize your investment? With the right approach, your team can leave every trade show with solid leads.

6. Email Outreach

Email is the foundation of sales communications. With a strong outreach strategy, your sales team can easily keep in touch with multiple leads.

7. Marketing Automation

The awareness-raising stage is best handled with marketing automation. Keep your sales team focused on leads getting ready to sign, and let the automation warm up new prospects.

With the right tools, your team can handle a downturn.

Use these sales tools to get you through a recession. Instead of relying on hope and random connections, these tools give you a clear strategy to work your way through any downturn.