There are a lot of hoops to jump through when you decide to create a new medical device. From FDA approvals to pilot studies, the process will keep you busy long before you ever get your product to market.

So, how do you use that time wisely? How do you grow a group of fans eager to buy your new medical device the moment it hits the market?

Here are seven ways to start building that momentum.

How to Market Your Medical Device before You Launch

1. Give a talk.
The easiest way to get people excited about your new product is to go to a conference and talk about it. You don’t even need to have a booth. Just go there, attend the presentations and talk with as many people as you can find. When they show interest, offer to put them on an updates list so they can find out when you launch. Then get their contact info. And use it.

2. Do a pilot study.
The nice thing about this idea is that you will have to do this anyway. So, instead of just seeing the pilot study as a way to get data – which it, obviously, is – also see it as a way to connect with people. Every hospital or practice you reach out to about your forthcoming device will hear about what you are doing. If they participate, great, you have a built-in way to keep in touch. If they don’t, still get their contact information and periodically send them updates.

3. Demo a prototype.
Nothing spurs people’s interest as much as seeing something new in action. So take your prototype on the road and show it at conferences. Bring it with you when you give lectures. Take a video or do video calls to let people far and wide see what you’re creating. Let them know where they can get more info. Invite them to sign up for a newsletter or updates list.

4. Host a webinar.
This is the perfect way to give a talk without all the travel. A great idea is to invite others to join you on a panel. You can discuss the medical concern your device seeks to treat and even give a demo during the event. You’ll get everybody’s contact information when they register, so all you need to do is make sure to keep in touch until you launch.

5. Conduct a survey.
Even early, early on in product development, you can still build interest for your device. You are likely doing some research on potential customers and what they would find helpful, so the trick is to also think of that as a way to grow your network. Ask everyone you survey if you can reach out to them periodically to let them know how you are progressing.

6. Write a blog.
An easy way to share your thoughts on the health issue you are tackling is to write a blog post. You can even share your journey from seeing the medical problem in a clinical setting to deciding to create a product to actually getting that product made. Invite people to sign up for a newsletter to learn about your journey.

7. Post on social media.
The great thing about social media is you can share almost anything. That talk you gave? Take a snippet or a short piece of video and post it. That webinar you have planned? Share the registration link far and wide on social. Same goes for that blog post – share the link. Then go a step beyond all that and post photos of you testing your device or talking with doctors. Use hashtags about your area of interest and keep at it until you develop a following.

Get started early

There are a lot of ways to generate interest in your medical device long before you are ready to take orders. Use the development phase wisely and you will have people chomping at the bit when you are ready to launch.