Let’s be honest, healthcare marketing can have a numbing sameness to it. Endless jargon about “solutions” and “efficiencies” can create the impression that warm, engaging campaigns are an impossible ask in the healthcare space. If that’s the situation your team is facing, here is a surefire way to revitalize your healthcare marketing.

Meet the Customers

It sounds obvious – and it is – but the easiest way to spark some life in your marketing team is to get them in front of your customers. There is nothing like seeing your product in action to understand the impact you really have.

In most companies, it’s the sales team that gets to meet the customers. They are the ones who get to see the day-to-day uses of the product. They are the ones who get to hear firsthand the stories of how that product has improved their care.

Meanwhile, the marketers are left behind to generate campaigns based on stories they’ve only heard indirectly. After awhile, the well can run dry. But a little face-to-face interaction can be just the thing to get the inspiration flowing again.

Inspired Teams Make Good Campaigns

When your marketers return from spending time with your customers, they will be brimming over with new ideas. In fact, they will likely come back with tons of video snippets and images to share. By connecting with your customers personally, they will have theis what will revitalize your healthcare marketing.

Photo by Jez Timms on Unsplash.