Alicia WIlliams, Founder and CEO of Fullsight Health Analytics, joins me to talk about artificial intelligence and medication management.

Alicia is a specialist in the use of technology to optimize medication management. Throughout her career, she has used her unique perspective and knowledge base to help healthcare providers ensure medication safety and maximize cost savings. A native of Brooklyn, NY, Alicia graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Pharmacy as valedictorian from Long Island University’s Brooklyn Campus – the first African-American to receive that honor.  She earned her MBA degree from Baruch College’s Zicklin School of Business in New York City. She is soon to launch a new website focused on women in technology –

Highlights include:

14:46 -AW: “There is also technology that’s being developed to help not just monitor for drug theft and addiction, but also help patients who perhaps have been identified as having an addiction and are in treatment. Then they can go and they can utilize different apps that can help them stay sober, stay clean if you will, and not regress into their addiction.”

18:54 – AW: “I believe that we’re not really tracking drug use as efficiently as we could. From my vantage point, I look at how drugs are dispensed, purchasing patterns, how much are we buying? Is there a waste there? And then providing insight into each of the areas related to the drug to say, okay, for drug X, maybe we need to spend 20% less … or, Hey, what’s the dispensing pattern of this particular drug, we’re dispensing too much. Why is this patient receiving a 20% higher dose than other patients with the same condition? What’s going on? Why don’t we just look at the patterns?”

19:55 – AW: “We can help providers identify before they even get into trouble with spending or dispensing to say, Hey, you’re on a track to spend higher than what you probably would want to. Or even more importantly, Hey, you’re giving your patients about 20% more than what they actually need, but have that be based upon historical data from that provider. Now that’s powerful.”

24:16 – AW: ” I’ll be launching So that website is going to speak to women and it can apply to women in a business level. Just really providing a resource in terms of, if you’re an entrepreneur, you’re looking to launch a business, here’s some resources you can look at to help you along the way.”

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