As a healthcare vendor, the very first marketing content you create is going to be evergreen. In other words, timeless. It will focus on the healthcare problem you address. It will go into detail on the difficulties faced by the specialty you help, and it will give a solution to remedy them. Obviously, that remedy is your product. But I want to encourage you to start thinking beyond evergreen content and consider the timely sharing of news, research, and policy. A focus on timely news in your content strategy can bolster your relevance.

Outreach Frequency

Content marketing always strives to find that sweet spot for how often you reach out to your audience. Folks in the healthcare C-suite are known to get annoyed quickly with too many emails, so choosing your frequency without alienating them is critical.

But when you go beyond evergreen content and enter the world of timely news, you also discover built-in reasons to connect with your customer base more often. Certainly timely news can still be shared at regular intervals but it can also give you an excuse to reach out immediately.

If a policy change or news item is directly relevant to your target audience, there is no need to wait for the next newsletter. Send the information while it’s still hot off the presses.

Positive Associations

Evergreen content is fantastic for helping you build your case. It gives you ample time to explain the problem and go into detail on how it affects patient care or the provider day. But timely news has a benefit that evergreen content cannot touch: it associates you with the latest information in your field.

Suddenly, the CEO you email is not seeing you talk about your product. Instead, they are seeing you discuss the most recent developments in your field. You become the source of cutting-edge information, which can distinguish you from your competitors.

So keep an eye out for policy changes and news stories in your field. They will show that you are thinking about what’s going on in your customer’s world, and not just the product you offer.

Keeps You Current

When all you share is information about your solution and the problem you solve, you risk getting a little insular. A side benefit of sharing timely news is that it forces you to keep current in your field.

Imagine yourself at the next HIMSS. You now know all the relevant news and policy changes in your field. This gives you great ice-breakers, both at your booth and when schmoozing at conference sessions. It also gives you topics to present on – topics that may well attract a larger audience. Better still, you will have content ready to share if you meet someone unaware of the information.

By including timely news in your content, you extend your influence well beyond the immediate sharing of the news item.

Be a News Source to Your Customers

When you start sharing timely news with your customers, you reap the rewards of becoming someone they can trust to have the latest information. So take a risk and think beyond evergreen content.

Photo by Andy Holmes on Unsplash.