Healthcare Lead Generation – Shereese Maynard

Any healthcare vendor can benefit from this amazing exploration of white papers, native ads, sponsorships, trade shows and social media!. In today’s podcast, I speak about healthcare lead generation with Shereese Maynard, healthcare strategist and founder of Envision Care.

Social Media in the Age of MIPS

Social media in the age of MIPS means health systems and providers need to start building relationships. Learn how social media can offset, or enhance, your MIPS score – and how it’s different from what you’ve been doing …

EHRs Without This Are Doomed

Now, more than ever before, EHR vendors need to know what sets them apart. In marketing, we call that the “value proposition” – find out why you need one …

So Your Boss Got These Purchased Lists …

The first time I had a boss ask me to import a list of trade show registrants to our database, I was pretty confused. The whole idea of marketing, I futilely tried to explain, is opt-in. People get to know you and like you and choose to receive emails from you. Yea, you can imagine how well that went over.

How to Integrate Marketing Automation with Business Development

Getting people to visit your website, sign up for events and download reports is great. But, unless you integrate all that hard-earned lead generation with your business development processes, you are going to lose sales. Marketing automation is an essential tool for coordinating lead nurture all along your funnel, from marketing to business development to sales. To do it right, though, there are several questions you are going to have to address along the way.