The future of medicine is in patient-led treatment – and Dr. Grace Colón, President and CEO of InCarda Therapeutics, shows how this approach is creating a whole new world in chronic disease management.

InCarda Therapeutics is a biopharmaceutical company pioneering a novel approach of treating cardiovascular conditions and diseases by the inhalation route. Grace brings over 25 years’ experience in biopharma, genomics, diagnostics, health care, drug delivery and industrial biotechnology. She has been an executive at large companies, an entrepreneur, a venture capitalist and a management consultant. She also serves on the board of CareDx and is executive chairman of ProterixBio.

Highlights include:

5:49 – GC: “It’s not just, Oh, here’s a drug that can treat something or treat a subset of patients in a certain way, or here’s a device that can do something, but really stepping back and looking at the entire problem and figuring out where the gaps are and how can you solve them holistically.”

11:01 – GC: “So you could take a beta blocker or a calcium channel blocker, lower the heart rate, but you’re still in arrhythmia. You’re still at risk of stroke and you’re not really solving the problem. But we’re developing an inhaled version of an existing anti-arrhythmic drug that is normally used in oral form to try to suppress episodes.”

12:01 – GC: “And ultimately if we can get there with regulatory approval and all of that, it will be a small portable device that they can use at home. And so if I’m sitting here chatting with you and I have an episode, I could say, excuse me, I’ll call you back later, go treat myself. And within half an hour, I’ll be feeling better. I can go about my day. That is disruptive.”

16:45 – GC: “I realized they hit, they really hit upon something important here that was risky because nobody had ever tried this before. But at the same time could make a huge difference for patients.”

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