It started out great …

Last week, we had our gutters cleaned. 

A bunch of young guys tumbled out of a truck and, within seconds, they had scouted out the grounds and gotten someone on the roof. They were done faster than I would have thought possible.

It was a great crew – they took pains to clean up the mess and enthusiastically threw themselves into their work. 

But … while I was paying the crew supervisor, I saw one of them spraying a metal object in my front lawn.

In a second, I realized it was wasp spray and started waving my hands and yelling NOOOOOO!!!

He stopped – but it was too late.

This young guy was super committed to doing a good job, so when he saw a wasp nest, he instantly jumped to take care of it.

Except … we’re building a pollinator garden, which means the last thing we want here is insecticide.

Even worse … the object he was spraying was our well cap.


So, while I was phenomenally pleased with the work they did on our gutters, I was not so pleased with pesticide being sprayed on our well.

Sometimes the wise thing is to hold back.

Youth is known for its exuberance and its eager willingness to dive in and get the job done.

But, sometimes, youth can be a bit too eager. Youth doesn’t have the experience to realize when it’s time to slow down. When you need to gather more information. When you need to bring someone into the process.

The same holds true for your marketing team. I’ve worked with teams of young marketers, fresh out of university. They know their stuff and are fantastic with the latest social media – but they don’t know what they don’t know.

And that can sink your campaign.

If your team needs a little experience to keep things on track, I’d be happy to talk with you. You can book a free consult with me here.

Photo by Sophie Dale on Unsplash