Healthcare tech companies get trapped talking about new features.

If there was one piece of advice that I could give to healthcare businesses, it would be, “Stop talking so much about yourselves.

This should be a no-brainer, but I still see it all the time. Some recent examples I’ve seen in the healthcare technology sector include:

  • A company website full of updates on new clients and company awards – but nothing of direct interest to their target audience.
  • A CEO that turned any speaking engagement into a sales pitch – and skimmed over the educational content people signed up for.
  • A drip campaign full of company features – but nothing about the concerns facing their prospects.

The key to success in the healthcare field is to focus on your prospect, not your company. If you aren’t sure how to do this, my Audience Focus Sheet can show you how.

Why do healthcare tech companies frequently forget their audience?

There are two reasons companies focus on themselves over their audience.

  1. They don’t know any better.
  2. This can happen when company leadership has a strong sales background, rather than a marketing background. They are used to selling to people who are already interested in their product, so they use the same techniques on leads who are barely aware they even have a problem.

    Marketing in these companies can quickly turn into sales support, with no focus on moving prospects from Awareness to Evaluation to Purchase.

  3. They don’t know what their audience is interested in.
  4. Maybe the company is new, maybe they just don’t know how to segment their target market. Whatever the reason, this has an easy fix. My Audience Focus Sheet will give you ten ways to find out exactly what motivates and interests your target audience.

What are the risks of focusing too much on your company?

If your company focuses on inbound marketing, you are trying to get people to show a natural inclination to sign up for your content.

How well is that going to succeed if all your content is about you?

Sure, there will be some people who are interested, but you are likely to lose the greater portion of your target market. Moreover, you reduce the shareability of your content, since you are not speaking to the prospect’s motivations.

In outbound marketing, there should always be a clear and concise pain point. For instance, in an outbound lead generation campaign, you will need to be clear on exactly what you offer, but only after you grab people’s attention with a hook that mentions a pain point. Even when you list company features, you will want to relate them back to your audience’s interests.

There are simple, straightforward methods you can use to figure out your audience’s interests and pain points. I list them all in the Audience Focus Sheet.

Focus on your audience in everything you do.

Whether you are working on a drip campaign, blog post, webinar or speaking proposal, you should always begin by focusing on your target audience.

Target everything you do to your audience’s interests, and your company will leave the competition in the dust.