I hear all the time from company founders who know they could really make a difference in people’s lives – if only they could get in front of the right person. So in this episode of Leading with Health, I talk about how to make that happen.

Highlights include:

4:35 – JM: “What I love is that when you start switching your perspective on marketing to thinking it’s about communicating, suddenly everything gets a lot easier.”

5:25 – JM: “Once you start saying, I’m not trying to market this, I’m trying to communicate about this, then suddenly it can erase a whole lot of fears. And it can help make it a lot easier for people to understand how to reach out to people.”

7:20 – JM: “What stands out is the vendor who really makes that person feel understood, who makes them feel like you get their world.”

7:31 – JM: “When we’re talking about how to present your information, one of the first things I want to ask you to do is take a really good, hard look at your website. Really be honest. How much of it is spent talking about you and how much of it is spent talking about your customers’ needs?”

10:45 – JM: “On social media, 20% of the time you want to be promoting what you offer. But 80% of the time, you just want to be sharing and interacting and commenting without promoting your own business.”

Photo by Third Serving on Unsplash