Find out the two mistakes entrepreneurs typically make when trying to connect with hospital decision-makers – and what you should do instead!

Highlights include:

4:50 – JM: “People often start with a sales pitch. That’s the most common mistake I see when people actually get to the decision-maker. And there’s an old, old saying that says, everybody loves to buy, but nobody wants to be sold to. That is true for everybody you meet, even if you really could help them out with whatever you’re offering. When people feel a sales pitch coming at them, they start shutting down.”

6:57 – JM: “If you start with the sales part, you’ve missed all the warm-up and people are going to feel like you just threw ice on them. The minute your pleasant conversation turns towards a sales pitch, that’s going to be the turnoff.”

9:50 – JM: “If they are trying to provide better healthcare to their community, what is frustrating about that to them? Is it that maybe they don’t have enough doctors in their rural community? Is it that they don’t have enough funding or there’s not enough people who have signed up for the programs that they’ve offered?”

10:55 – JM: “Think about the broader things impacting their world. When you understand how that’s all coming together, then you start understanding what they really need and what they’re feeling on a day-to-day basis. And if you understand that, you have a much, much better angle of approach than if you just start out with their title and that they’re at a regional academic medical center.”

Photo by Christina @ on Unsplash