Wondering how to grow your healthcare business? Discover a simple method to get started – even on a tiny budget!

Highlights include:

2:10 – JM: “There’s going to be a trade-off. Either you’re going to have money to invest or you can invest your time.”

3:30 – JM: “Invest in building relationships because that’s the heart of connection marketing. That’s the way you create relationships with customers that are going to not just be temporary and leave you the minute they find somebody new in your field.”

9:32 – JM: “Your website is there to give information, but it also has a job to do beyond that. And that job is to motivate your target audience to take some kind of action that will start building that relationship with you.”

14:15 – JM: “You want to think about your audience. You want to create that website and you want to create a lead magnet and then start getting the word out about it.”

Photo by Michael Longmire on Unsplash