It’s inevitable. After you’ve been in business awhile, you will need to breathe new life into campaigns for your old product lines. And assuming you can’t do a complete redesign of the actual product, how can you make your old product lines new?

Find the Story

It all comes down to your customer. Even if your product line has been around for twenty years, the world around it has changed. So while your product might be the same, the story surrounding it isn’t.

Even if your product line is so mundane that it is still used exactly the same way, the people being helped are different. How they are navigating the healthcare system is different. What they do in life is different. The care that patients receive is different.

There are stories in these differences. Use them to make your old product line come to life again.

Where can you find these stories?

This part is easy – and it never changes. When you need stories, you go to your customer. Your customer’s perspective should always be the foundation for your marketing.

To create a compelling story, dig for details. Those are what will make your story resonate and will show the realities in which your product line helps.

Here are some questions to ask if your customer is a healthcare system:

  • When do you use this product?
  • How does it help your patients?
  • What would you use if you didn’t have it?

Repurpose, Repurpose, Repurpose

Once you have your new story, you can use it as many ways as you can dream up. Work the story into an email campaign. Use the key points in a product description. Create a white paper using quotes from your customers. You could even do a compare and contrast approach to show how your product line has weathered the test of time.

Make Your Old Product Lines New Again

When a product line is useful and in-demand but its branding feels worn and dated, find the story. Then build your marketing strategy out of the stories you gather from your customer. That will be the fountain of youth for your old product line.

Photo by Noah Boyer on Unsplash