To capture the attention of a health system executive, you need the right content and the right messaging. But even the simplest of text-based content still needs good design. So here are a few visual features that will help your lead generation content pull in more leads.

Scannable Headers

There is an art to writing website content and that art can be summed up in a single phrase – “scannable headers.” Your content should make as much sense to someone glancing briefly at the headers as it does to someone who sits down to read the whole thing. Even more important, your unique value proposition should come across loud and clear in both.

The easiest way to do this is to outline your main points before you begin writing. When you’re done, those points will only need a little tweaking to serve as headers.


Rather than bury an impactful quote or client success story in a larger piece, you can use call-outs. These can use color, borders, or other style cues to help an important piece of information jump to the reader’s attention. And they make quicker reads out of long-form content like reports and case studies.

Start with your best quotes or statistics and place them in your call-outs. You can also use call-outs to feature mini synopses of your recent projects.

Chunks of Text

Whether your prospect is reading your website or your sales sheet, I guarantee they don’t want to invest a lot of time in it. If the headlines sparked their interest, they are going to want to read more … but not if it seems too much. When that happens, they are either going to move on to the next thing or, just as bad, set it aside to read later. And, needless to say, later never comes.

What you want instead, is to break your information into chunks that are easy to digest. Small paragraphs. Blurbs. A nice, clear font. These are the ways to keep people reading even long pieces of content.


With so many sources of stock photos and royalty-free images, there is no reason not to add images to your content. Images can be photographs or illustrations, even gifs or video. They can help you make a point or just break up a lot of text. They can also make your job easier by grabbing your prospect’s eye.


Business websites are vulnerable to corporate design trends that are popular without any evidence existing of their lead-generation capabilities. Some examples of these are sliders in the header or videos in the homepage background. These seem flashy but actually distract your visitor from taking a clear action, such as downloading a report.

Remember, you want your message to stand out, not your website’s features. Think simplicity and use that to guide your design.

Text is Visual

Your content needs to attract your buyer’s attention and convince them to partner with you. Make that happen by supporting your text with visual cues that keep your prospect engaged.

Photo by Nick Morrison on Unsplash.