If we want to create an equitable healthcare system, we need to create an equitable society. So I went to a BLM rally and learned a lot about my town. You can find the resources I mention in the show here:

Highlights include:

16:28 – “Whiteness is not an ethnicity and to the extent that it is a culture, it’s a culture organized around racial & ethnic exclusion. It’s purely a power construct. Discomfort w/ Black Americans/Negroes in particular asserting any independence from whiteness in USA is b/c it destabilizes the meaning of white ID. It bothers everyone invested in ideas of whiteness/anti-Blackness b/c whiteness has no meaning w/o privilege in the racial caste. People of all races/ethnicities who are invested in the ideology of whiteness/anti-Blackness and whose sense of self/worldview are shaped by these ideas are disturbed whenever Black ppl appear to be overturning the racial order. You’ll see it manifest in many ways.” – Source: Bree Newsome Bass Twitter thread

19:16 – JM: “We need to be out voting and instituting policies and pushing our representatives to vote for policies that create the change that we want.”

19:23 – JM: “We white people are going to need to get much more real with this ugliness in ourselves. And the more we heal that, the more we can heal our communities and make them safe for everybody.”

Photo by Ross Findon on Unsplash