Modern society can be so harsh, but who really wants to live like that? We have an entire society built on ignoring how things feel – and that makes us numb to the consequences of our actions. So in this episode of Leading with Health, I dive into the importance of compassion and love towards yourself, so you have the reserves to have compassion and love for others.

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Highlights include:

4:00 – JM: “Why do we feel bad when we can’t make everything perfect? Why do we feel bad when we need to take care of ourselves?”

7:20 – JM: “Our society has this pressure that says we really just need to be automatons. And work and work and work. And every minute we need to be doing, doing, doing. Not thinking, not feeling, not replenishing.”

8:30 – JM: “It’s as if we don’t want anybody to slow down and feel and take care of themselves.”

9:10 – JM: “The power is in taking care of yourself; the power is in taking space to breathe.”

11:18 – JM: “Our society is built on ignoring how things feel and it makes us numb to the consequences of what we do.”

12:40 – JM: “It’s not that you’re not doing enough. It’s that the expectation is unrealistic.”

14:45 – JM: “Taking care of ourselves is subversive; it’s political. If you take care of yourself enough to feel what’s going on and notice it, then you have the energy to do something about it. You have the energy to think differently. You have the energy to say no when something is outrageous. You have the energy to see what should be different.”

17:08 – JM: “It is revolutionary when we start talking about being kind to one another as a way to heal.”

22:10 – JM: “Give yourself kindness and let yourself move forward.”

Leading with Health is the podcast where women dive into societal change through the lens of healthcare. Host Jennifer Michelle has a Master’s in Public Health and Epidemiology and is a certified EMT. As President of Michelle Marketing Strategies, Jennifer specializes in healthcare marketing. Jennifer is available to speak at conferences and also provides free marketing consultations. Contact her here.

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