It hits you when you least expect it. There you are, finally having a conversation with the Rev Cycle Director or the CIO. You know your solution can help them – and you can prove it. You will save them time and money; why wouldn’t they want it?

But they don’t. The question is, why?

Maybe it was just easiest to do nothing. Maybe another vendor had a slicker pitch.

Or maybe, just maybe, your prospect believed everything you said – and they thought it would make them look bad.

This is a problem I see my clients face periodically and it can be a little disheartening. Instead of seeing a solution to their problem, the prospect only sees how your brilliance could make them look incompetent.

It’s a tough position to be in, so here’s what I do when one of my clients is faced with this situation …

Name The Problem

If you can’t name it, you can’t talk about it. The trick here is to lead with kindness. We all know what it’s like to worry that our boss won’t think well of us, and we all know how important keeping our job is to our own bottom line. So be graceful. Phrases that can be useful here are:

  • “Sometimes teams get concerned our new approach will make them look bad. Here’s why that won’t happen …”
  • “I realize it can be daunting to propose switching vendors so soon, even though things haven’t worked out as you’d hoped, but here’s what can help …”

Give Them An Out

Everybody wants to save face, so help them do that by giving them a different way to view the situation. Try:

  • “You’d need an MD to know what’s missing in this report, so there’s no way your tech team could be expected to know …”
  • “You had every reason to think the old platform would have worked because that vendor, as you now know, never mentions …”

Make Them The Hero

Reposition your customer – especially in front of their boss – as the one who saves the day. Use phrases like:

  • “Most teams don’t think to look for a different perspective; they stick with what they know. But you were bold enough to think outside the box – and it’s going to pay off big time in your bottom line.”
  • “You can’t be responsible for the platform, you can only be responsible for seeing that the needs of your organization are being met. So if the first platform you tried didn’t meet the need, you’re wise to look for something that can.”

Look For Clues

If your prospect starts looking uncomfortable, if they agree with everything you’re saying, yet still aren’t ready to sign, they might be afraid you’ll make them look bad. Help them out – and get the sale – by naming the problem, giving them an out, and making them look like a hero to their boss.

Photo by Andrew Thornebrooke on Unsplash.