If you worry about sounding salesy, here’s how to make sure marketing for your healthcare company is always ethical …

Highlights include:

1:59 – JCM: “Here’s a test: if you’re having a marketing meeting and you can invite one of your best customers there – if you’re comfortable doing that – your marketing is ethical. I think it’s a great test because if you’ve got nothing to hide, then your customer can be there.”

4:05 – JCM: “If somebody has an app that helps cancer patients, well, the odds are there is somebody in their life who has cancer, and this is why that’s important to them. And I think that’s true of all aspects of healthcare. There’s usually something very personal. And as long as you center yourself in that story and in that truth, your marketing is going to be about communication. It’s about helping and that will make it ethical.”

10:20 – JCM: “If you focus on the communication, if you focus on what your mission is, I think that’s when you create a business that is helping in the way that you dreamed up when you started it. And I think that’s what helps you go to bed at night. Even if you can’t change the whole world at once, you know you’re making a difference to the people that you serve.”

Photo by Suchit Poojari on Unsplash