COVID-19 has given us a world with far fewer distractions. Yet there are gifts that come from a life without distractions. Find out what they are and why you need to pay attention to all that bubbles to the surface this year …

Highlights include:

1:40 – JM: “I truly believe that COVID is trying to teach us something. And I think it has to do with going inward and not just pushing through until it’s over.”

2:45 – JM: “There are a lot of gifts to having a life without distractions. You start noticing things that you previously had ignored. And I think, more importantly, you start to feel things that you’ve been running from – maybe even without noticing it.”

6:35 – JM: “The whole economy is starting to fall apart. Of course, it’s very interesting that the stock market has not fallen apart yet. And it just goes to show you how much the stock market has nothing to do with the hard work that we put in to keep the economy going. The economy is not built to benefit us. That is just simple truth; the economy is built to benefit others.”

7:13 – JM: “When you don’t have these distractions, you start seeing what you’re not getting. You see that you’re not being given the support that you need. You see that people are ignoring the things that are maybe most important to you. And I don’t mean the people in your life, I mean the people who seem to create these worlds, where you have to work and work and work and you aren’t allowed to come up for air. Where you’re not allowed to get the social support that you need so that you can take a break.”

10:20 – JM: “I have come to believe over the years that the world is much more like a kaleidoscope. Like a kaleidoscope that is constantly in motion. And it reflects to us what we think the world is like. It’s not showing us what the world is; it’s not showing us how it works. It’s showing us what we think it’s like.”

10:35 – JM: “We see our own reflection but, at the same time, we are all – every single one of us – providing that reflection to everybody else. So it is this beautifully intricate reflection that we all give. And as we start seeing things and becoming aware and conscious of them and not distancing ourselves from that part of ourselves anymore, then the reflection changes. Because it’s constantly showing us what we think the world is like. So as we break down our assumptions and we break down the things we’ve judged to be true, that maybe are not true, then our reflection changes.”

13:35 – JM: “I think you should feel what you really feel, in the intensity you actually feel it. You probably don’t even know the depth of what you feel about things. What you feel at first as frustration might actually wind up being a feeling of grief about how you wish things could be.”

13:45 – JM: “The most interesting journey we can take is this deep dive into our own emotions. And I think it’s something that we have to start doing, because that is what keeps our society from being so heartless. And right now our society is about as heartless as it can get, as heartless as we can stomach.”

Photo by Karina Vorozheeva on Unsplash