This week on Leading with Health, I talk about consumerization in healthcare and the role of healthcare marketing. How does the drive to make a profit impact the main issue of patient care? Here are the articles mentioned in the show:

Highlights include:

3:05 – JM: “Our crazy, siloed, disjointed healthcare system has a really big disconnect right at the heart of it. And that is between those who want to provide CARE and those who want to MAKE MONEY.”

3:00 – JM: “Needs and wants are not that different, especially in healthcare.”

13:55 – “Jeremy Greene, director of the Center for Medical Humanities and Social Medicine at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, notes the inherent problem of not regulating help-seeking or informational advertising is that selling a medical or health product is ‘never just the drug or the X-ray machine or the lab test — it’s the claim that is attached to that drug,’ and information about the claim needs to be attached to product advertisements.” Source: Startups are selling you pills through Instagram. Why don’t they say which ones?

16:28 – “Advertising prescription drugs directly to consumers is an almost uniquely American phenomenon — New Zealand is the only other country in the world that permits pharmaceutical ads that target patients directly.” Source: Startups are selling you pills through Instagram. Why don’t they say which ones?

19:14 – JM: “There’s a big difference between using fear to let a customer know you understand their pain and using fear to magnify their insecurities.”

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