Personalized medicine has provided a whole new approach to treating cancer. Discover where the future of precision medicine is headed when Patrice Milos joins me on the Leading with Health podcast.

Dr. Patrice Milos is President and CEO of Medley Genomics, She co-founded the company to advance novel data analytics to help understand genomic heterogeneity of complex diseases and provide hope of lasting cures for patients. The company’s initial focus is oncology. Immediately prior, Patrice was CEO of Claritas Genomics, a pediatric molecular diagnostic company spin-out from Boston Children’s Hospital.

In our conversation, we discuss:

  • Healthcare tech leadership – and the difference between working in a start-up vs. leading a start-up.
  • Personalized medicine – and the challenges of short-term remission and recurrence of disease.
  • Individualized cancer treatment – and heterogeneity of cancer tumors.

This is an episode of the Leading with Health podcast, formerly titled “Healthcare Lead Generation.” In this podcast, leaders of mission-based healthcare organizations join host Jennifer Michelle to discuss growth, change and their vision for the future of healthcare.

Jennifer Michelle, MPH, EMT is a marketing consultant specializing in the healthcare sector. President of Michelle Marketing Strategies, she has a Master’s in International Health & Epidemiology and volunteers as an EMT. Her unique background allows her to bring unexpected insight and depth to every interview.