21% of rural hospitals in the United States are at high risk of closing, according to a report by Navigant.

So, in this episode of Leading with Health, I speak with Sharon Crenshaw, who is on a mission is to reduce the amount of healthcare facilities closing and filing bankruptcy. Sharon is the founder of the Crenshaw Business Group, and the Host of the W.I.S.H-Podcast, which stands for Working in Support of Healthcare facilities.

She has been a healthcare Inventory Specialist for 14 years and is currently a business consultant specializing in helping healthcare facilities increase revenue and reduce debt.  Sharon spoke at the 2019 International Conference on Hospital Management.

In this show, we discuss:

  • The epidemic of healthcare facility closings – especially in the rural south.
  • The community impact of these closings – on everyone from those who lose jobs to the town businesses who lose customers.
  • What healthcare facilities can do to prevent closing – including the benefits of random audits and “no expire” zones.

This is an episode of the Leading with Health podcast. In this podcast, healthcare leaders join host Jennifer Michelle to discuss their vision for the future of healthcare. Jennifer also shares thoughts and insights from her career at the intersection of public health and healthcare marketing.

Jennifer Michelle, MPH, EMT is a marketing consultant specializing in the healthcare sector. President of Michelle Marketing Strategies, she has a Master’s in International Health & Epidemiology and volunteers as an EMT.