How are you supposed to grow your business when you don’t have any money? 

That’s the quandary almost every new company finds itself in. It can feel insurmountable – but it isn’t.

Building relationships is the key to growing your business, and it doesn’t have to cost much at all. 

Like so many things in life, you can either invest money or time. So if you don’t have money, use your time. 

Start with a deep-dive into your target customer. Who are they? What is important to them? What struggles do they face? 

Where do they work? How can you help them? What makes you better than the other vendors offering to help them? 

Once you know the answers to those questions, you need to think about what you can offer them. 

Maybe it’s a free trial of your platform. Maybe it’s a report you’ve put together specific to their field.

Whatever it is, once you have it, you are ready to reach out to these potential customers. This is what social media was designed for, and it will become your best friend. 

Connect with as many in your target market as you can. Join in on their conversations. Follow their favorite hashtags. Comment and interact with everyone you meet. 

Pretty soon, you will find yourself getting to know these people who could one day become your customers. Then remind them of what you have to offer – put it in your profile and your posts. 

Stay focused on your potential customers and learn as much as you can. Comment, help, and encourage about four times as often as you mention your services. 

Relationships take time to build. The more they are built on an authentic connection, the stronger they will be – and that’s what will lead to new customers.

This kind of relationship-building is one of the things I do for my clients – and it is also what I teach in Healthcare Marketing 101. This is a self-paced video course that will show you how to create a professional marketing strategy for your own healthcare business.

Photo by Kris Gerhard on Unsplash