Psst … there’s a secret to success in the healthcare world.

Two things you absolutely need.

With them, you will greatly improve your odds of building the company you dream of. Without them, the odds are very good the marketplace will lose faith in you.

Despite what you may have been led to believe, it’s not about your market size or your product features or your speed in getting to market (though those are all important).

It’s about something more fundamental to who you are and what your company is all about.

The two things healthcare vendors need to be successful …

1) You need to care.

2) You need to be authentic. 

Frankly, it’s always going to be easier to grow a company that cares because it gives you a message to work with. People want to know why you care. And this goes double – even triple! – in healthcare. The stakes are so high in healthcare that the absence of caring reads as cold. Especially if your company sells directly to patients.

Of course, faking that you care won’t cut it, which is why authenticity is so important. If someone is trusting your medical device company with their life, they want to know it means something to you. And they want to feel they can believe in you.

I honestly wouldn’t know how to market a healthcare company that didn’t seem to care about what they did. Without that passion, all you are left with are features – and any marketer will tell you that is no way to build a campaign.

The truth is …

I can’t help you grow if you don’t care about what you do. 

I can’t sell your product if it means nothing to you other than a paycheck. 

And I can’t make people care about who you are and what you do if there is no commitment in any of it. 

People can tell the difference when you put your heart into something. And in healthcare, telling the story of a company run by real people who care is a story worth telling.

Photo by For Chen on Unsplash