A recent study shows that COVID anti-vaxxers are not all the same – and they may not even be anti-vaxxers! Here are the article and study referenced in this episode:

Highlights include:

4:50 – JCM: “The people who are not getting the COVID vaccine are not all anti-vaxxers. Maybe not even most of them from what it looks like. So the study divided people into different classifications: Watchful, Cost-Anxious, System-Distrusters, and COVID Skeptics.”

11:37 – JCM: “The study specifically stressed the importance of making vaccination visible because this helps with those who are enthusiastic obviously, but also those who are Watchers and even with some of the System Distrusters, as well.”

15:47 – JCM: “As I’ve grown and I’ve learned more, I’ve learned that there is no singular right way, it’s that the right way is multiple right ways. That there are so many different people in different communities that little adjustments and tweaks, and sometimes big adjustments and tweaks, are what make things work. That those are the things that allow public health change to be made.”

13:15 – “The best approach is to lead with the facts, explain how the information they’re sharing or consuming is misleading, and end by reinforcing the facts again. Posing questions back can also work, including questions that may cause individuals to consider why others might want them to believe a particular thing about COVID-19 or vaccines.” – Source: A Large-Scale Facebook Survey of U.S. Adults: Leveraging Precision Health to Increase COVID-19 Vaccine Uptake

Photo by Braňo on Unsplash