Yikes! My outreach fell flat.

My town is doing a big revamp of one of our main streets. It’s a multi-year project and I was thrilled when they agreed I could work with the engineer to design native plant gardens in the new space.

Except, every time I reached out to the engineer, I got absolutely nowhere. 

Was he avoiding me?

As it turned out, yes.

Because – and we had a good laugh over this – he was under the impression I was trying to sell trees.

Once he learned my real motives – to support my town and our local ecosystem – he jumped onboard and was supremely helpful.

Are you focusing on your agenda more than theirs?

But it got me thinking how often this kind of misperception can get in the way of a marketing campaign or a sales call.

With the engineer, my approach was too professional. I didn’t realize it – I was just trying to get an appointment with him. But I came across as too business-like for him to believe I was calling as a neighbor. 

To me, I was just focused on getting a task done, albeit a task I felt very passionate about. And my tone reflected that – it was polite, but it wasn’t casual or warm. 

And that tone nearly sank the entire interaction. Just like the wrong tone can sink your marketing campaigns. 

You need the right tone for each of your target audiences. And you also need the right message.

What tone are you using in your marketing?

If you are reaching out to doctors, you need to use a different approach than if you are reaching out to patients.

So I encourage you to look over your campaigns and really think about who you are approaching. Do you have the best tone for that group? Do you have the best message?

And if you’d like some help with that, please reach out to me. This is exactly the kind of thing I do for my clients. Here’s my calendar – we can do a free consult at whatever time works best for you

Once you nail down your tone and messaging, the rest of your campaigns will fall into place.

Photo by Dulcey Lima on Unsplash.