Everyone is looking for a secret to explain why no one is clicking on their emails. Maybe it’s the subject line. Or maybe it’s the hyperlink text. Or the font. Or image. But there is usually just one reason why no one clicks on your emails – and it’s one you may not want to hear. Because the truth is, no one is clicking because no one is interested.

Simply uninterested.

“Uninterested” is often confused with “boring” but they are two different things. Boring means you failed to grab someone’s attention. Uninterested means that, even if you caught their attention, they simply don’t care.

This is hard for people to accept but, if no one is clicking on your emails, it’s likely a deeper problem. The odds are, it means you don’t know your customer the way you think you do. And certainly not the way you ought to.

Do you know what’s on their minds?

All too often, companies email their prospects and clients based on what’s on their own minds. Maybe a new product, maybe a rebrand. Whatever it is, it’s rarely something they know for a fact will be of interest to their audience. They are hoping it will be, of course, but that’s not the same thing.

Many companies do market research prior to launching their business but never revisit it. On top of that, their initial research is often geared towards market fit and size of market. It’s not about how their future buyer thinks about their situation or what they want to know about a possible solution.

Get to know your customer better.

The answer to poor email click-through-rates is not to worry about a catchy subject line or a great new podcast episode. The answer is to invest the time to learn the needs of your customer. Because, whatever you may want to believe, if no one clicks on your emails, you don’t know all you need to know about your customer.

Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash